Water & Wastewater Industry – The Allure of Water

Intelligent solutions for the water and wastewater industry

From space, our earth is a blue planet with seemingly vast water resources. However, only 2.5 % of this water is usable fresh water. At the same time, the increase in global population and rapid industrialization put enormous demands on the natural water resources.

Water is becoming rare in the future. Against this backdrop, it is clear how important it is to man and industry to have an efficient, high-capacity potable water supply and to have eco-friendly wastewater treatment for the planet as well as for thew development of entire regions.

At the same time, the increasing competition in the field of supplying potable water forces the operators to not only consistently pursue the topics of process certainty and availability, but also to examine the topic of efficiency more closely than in the past. As the worldwide leader in process measuring technology, KROHNE's contribution is considerable.

Our product line covers the entire range of measuring and analyzing technology, from individual measuring stations to complete system solutions. In addition to the complete range of products for measuring level and flow, we also offer analyzing products for ph value, conductivity, ion concentration, redox and pressure. Servicing and calibration services round out the portfolio.

In 1961, KROHNE introduced the first electromagnetic flowmeter (EMF) for water, wastewater, additives and sludge. Since then, we have been able to win over those in the water management community time and again with the advantages of our innovations. Today, we produce more than 120,000 electromagnetic flowmeters annually in our plants in the Netherlands, Brazil, India and China.

Water is the most important future market worldwide. For this future market, we develop and produce meters that always set the example for the competition.