drinktec 2017 – World's Leading Trade Fair for the Beverage and Liquid Food Industry

Visit KROHNE at drinktec 2017 at Munich from 11th - 15th September, Hall A3, Booth 308

New KROHNE products at drinktec 2017

KROHNE presents two new products at drinktec 2017:

The OPTIWAVE device family currently features 6,10 and 24 GHz FMCW radar level meters and is now rounded off with 80 GHz devices. Based on over 28 years of experience with FMCW technology, each device was designed for a particular target area of application such as agitated and corrosive liquids, narrow tanks with internal obstructions, or powders and dusty atmospheres.

The OPTISENS TSS series of suspended solids sensors is also expanded: it features 4-beam technology and alternating light sources as well as glass-free and windowless construction and direct measurement through the PP material layer. This means no problems due to window material and its different characteristics or resistance.

  • OPTIWAVE 3500  80 GHz FMCW radar level transmitter for hygienic applications in the food and beverage industry. It has a wide range of hygienic connections and can measure right up to the process connection
  • OPTISENS TSS 7000  hygienic suspended solids sensor for measuring the fat content in milk, for example

Flow meters for process applications

  • H250 M40 Variable area flowmeter for liquids and gases
  • OPTIFLUX 6010 / 6100 / 6300 electromagnetic flowmeters with unique hygienic sealing concept
  • OPTIMASS 1400 Mass flowmeter for standard process applications with Entrained Gas Management EGM
  • OPTIMASS 6400 Mass flowmeter for process applications with Entrained Gas Management EGM
  • OPTIMASS 7400 Mass flowmeter with single straight measuring tube without flow splitter and featuring Entrained Gas Management EGM

Level transmitters to monitor silos and tanks

  • For solids: OPTIWAVE 6500 non-contact FMCW radar with drop antenna immune to buildup
  • For liquids: OPTIWAVE 3500 non-contact FMCW radar, available with a number of hygienic connections
  • For small tanks: BM 500 potentiometric level transmitters with hygienic design for small containers
  • Level detection: OPTISWITCH 6500/6600 Electromagnetic switch for liquids or solids

Analytic devices for the beverage industry

Pressure and temperature measurement for process applications

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