KROHNE @ ACHEMA 2018 – World forum for chemical engineering and the process industry

Visit KROHNE at ACHEMA 2018, Frankfurt am Main, 11th – 15th June, Hall 11.1, booth A13 (Watch our 3DBooth Video)

KROHNE presents at ACHEMA 2018 measuring instruments for the Process Industry

New Series OPTIFLEX Guided Radar Level Transmitters

At ACHEMA KROHNE introduces the re-newed OPTIFLEX range of TDR level transmitters. Just like the OPTIWAVE portfolio of 6…80 GHz radar level transmitters was re-newed in 2017, the TDR series comprises six devices, each specifically designed for a certain area of application.

  • OPTIFLEX 1100 C for basic liquid applications
  • OPTIFLEX 3200 C/F for liquids with hygienic requirements
  • OPTIFLEX 6200 C/F for solids from granulates to powders
  • OPTIFLEX 7200 C/F/S/D for liquids in storage and process applications
  • OPTIFLEX 8200 C/F/S for liquids at high temperature and pressure
  • POWERFLEX 2200 C/F/S/D for liquids in the nuclear industry

Complete Coriolis portfolio: from 0.3 kg/h up to 4,600 t/h

At ACHEMA KROHNE presents it's OPTIMASS portfolio of mass flowmeters. OPTIMASS has been supplemented with large line sizes, representing the highest capacity Coriolis flowmeters on the market. KROHNE now offers a complete Coriolis portfolio for flowrates from 0.3 kg/h up to 4,600 t/h / 0.01 lb/min up to 169,021 lb/min. more

PROFINET joint demonstration model (Industrial Ethernet)

To demonstrate the use and possibilities of PROFINET for ACHEMA visitors KROHNE set up a joint demonstration model together with PhoenixContact and other industrial partners. PROFINET is currently available for all x400 OPTIMASS Coriolis flowmeters and for all x300 OPTIFLUX electromagnetic flowmeters.

Together with it's partners KROHNE offers also instrumentation and control solutions for Oil & Gas, a chemical batch reactor and the possibilities for wireless remote data transmission from remote measuring points.

KROHNE also presents