Modern production processes are inconceivable without accurate measurement technology

As a global supplier of industrial measurement technology, KROHNE is at home in virtually every industry around the world. KROHNE are increasingly found in industries such as the supply and treatment of drinking water, food processing, loading of raw materials and the manufacturing of chemical products – measurements of flow rates in pipelines, levels in tanks and temperatures and pressures are needed in all industries in an effort to control and document these processes. Whether it is a new pipeline, a wastewater treatment plant, beverage bottling, a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant or a power station under construction, choosing the right measuring devices always plays a pivotal role.

A growing sense of responsibility when handling natural resources, increasing requirements on the quality of products and the economic necessity of optimising production processes mean that accurate measurement in industrial processes – i.e.process instrumentation – is gaining in importance.


KROHNE is one of the world's leading companies in process instrumentation

The KROHNE Group is in the forefront of world-leading flow and level measuring technology. Many of KROHNE’s developments over the years are still seen as milestones in industrial measuring technology and this chain of innovative market introductions continues with the latest ultrasonic counters for the oil and gas industry as well as the battery-operated electromagnetic measuring devices for water management.

In order to continually challenge ourselves as a company and to expand our leading position into the future, we rely on employees in all fields to not only master their trades but also to join us in the ongoing search for new and improved solutions. Being ready to learn every day allows you to see the future not as a threat but rather as an opportunity!